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About us

Welcome to our esteemed bike and ski repair shop, where unparalleled service meets expertise. Since our doors first opened in 2020, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering top-tier repair services for all your biking and skiing needs.

Bicycle Services

We offer different service options for your bicycle needs. For quick fixes, such as a single adjustment or a flat tire, we usually do it on the spot while you wait.

For larger jobs, you have two choices: you can book an appointment and get your bike back in one day, or you can drop off your bike and we will call you when it is ready.

ski Services

For your skiing essentials, our shop provides a range of service options tailored to keep you gliding smoothly on the slopes. When it comes to minor adjustments or quick wax jobs, we often perform these services on the spot, allowing you to wait comfortably while we get the work done.

For more comprehensive ski care, including tuning and repairs, you can simply drop off your equipment at your convenience and we’ll reach out once it’s ready for pickup. No matter the service, our goal is to ensure you spend more time enjoying the snow, with gear that’s perfectly prepared for your next downhill adventure.